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  • 1) Introduce yourself
  • 2) Number of years playing
  • 3) Club/team/country play for
  • 4) Best achievements
  • 5) Playing style
  • 6) etc


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    1) I’m Tomás my nickname is TomyLong because I like Ma Long’s style if you want you can call me Tomy
    2) I have been playing ping pong since I was a kid but for playing formal table tennis at that level since 2013
    3) I play in San Manuel in Puebla, Mexico.
    4) 1st place in the internal university's championship 
    5) As I mention it, I love Ma Long‘s style si I’ve been copying (at least trying haha) his style so I think my style is attack on forehand and passive play for backhand 
    6) I enjoy to share all I know (the little I know haha) with everybody so if you want to message me, feel free to leave a message! :)
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    1) you can call me Coco (some may know me before as Talaytai^-^) I am university student in sports science focusing on coaching (yes! I want to be a table tennis coach)
    2) since 2010
    3) I am working as a table tennis club manager in my university in Thailand
    4) quit medical school
    5) Short pips penhold blocker/hitter with inverted rpb
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    Hello table tennis lovers forum!
    I´m called Svennemeg and I played for seven years when I was 12-19 years of age in Sweden. 
    When I was 16 I started to play good against the best players in my age group in Sweden. Then my friends in my club quit, so no fun playing after a while. Now I´m 43 years old and started to play again - Table tennis is so much fun!
    I directly went out and bought a super fast bat and tried to find familiar rubbers, but much have changed and also a new ball.
    Right now in the end of March 2020 I have played for ten months and started to move better. My goal is to be able to move my body as a fast chinese player, with a tricky sticky serve and a powerful and safe loopkill. Please help me get there quicker!

    Just switched to this slower bat, Stiga Intensity NCT and DHS Gold Arc 8 on fhand, Bhand I use Nittaku Fastarc G-1.
    I really liked Ma Lin playing style because of feeling and Wang Li Qin because his fhand loopkill, but there have been so many great players. When I was a kid Jiang Jialijang was the threat to everybody 
    Thanks everybody and especially thanks to ERT who is a great inspiring coach! 
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    Hello Fellow Table Tennis Enthusiasts,

    You can call me Maximus. I have lived in a few countries and my favorite is the U.S. where I reside at the moment.

    I first played ping pong when I was seven years old and played for four years. My paddle back then was made of cork but I loved hitting with it. I played using a penhold style. I picked it up again many many years later and decided to take it seriously, to play table tennis. I learned about spin and that changed everything. And when I came across EmRatThich's videos, that was a game changer. I have been playing seriously for the past two years and am now USATT rated just below 1500, making me about an average intermediate US player.

    I don't belong to any club but I do manage to play about two times per week. I live in Southern California, near Los Angeles.

    My best achievement was beating some much-higher-ranked players in a tournament all because of coach EmRatThich's videos. I have won a few gold, silver, and bronze medals but the best I've ever done where I really deserved the medal was Bronze, third place.

    I am a right-handed (RH) back-handed (BH) dominant player. I enjoy playing mixed doubles the most because it's a more strategic game than pure singles.

    I love my family, friends, movies, books, and riding my bicycle. And I'm passionate about table tennis like all of you.
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    • 1) Introduce yourself: My friend nick name me Mr Spinnerz
    • 2) Number of years playing: Three 
    • 3) Club/team/country play for: Local club
    • 4) Best achievements: Inter-club runner up in Mens' & Mixed Doubles
    • 5) Playing style: Shakehand / right handed / offensive
    • 6) Started at age 42 because was out of shape and needed something physical to keep me in shape. Got myself enrolled into a club coaching program and the rest is history. 

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    • 1) Introduce yourself
    • 2) Number of years playing
    • 3) Club/team/country play for
    • 4) Best achievements
    • 5) Playing style
    • 6) etc
    1• Hi, I am Shresth from India
    2•approximately 3 years 
    3•I generally play in local club in India
    4•I am getting opportunity to play nationals in India from last 2 years
    5•I love ma Long's gameplay so I copied him. I loopkill ball with my foehand and my backhand is not good as compared to my forehand. 
    6•I love to play cricket as well.
    My equipment is viscaria flared, dhs hurricane 3 forehand and donic rubber on backhand
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    • my name is Ben
    • numbers of years playing: 1.5
    • Club/team/country: just a small (closed) local club
    • Best achievements: winnig the first place in a homemade tournament (christmas a year and something ago) against some kids (13+) playing for longer than me, losing 1 set from 10 best of 3 matches (therefore winning 20 another sets) xD Yeah, not much... :D
    • Playing style: shakehand/right handed/offensive
    Absolutely addicted to table tennis :) Some problems with my height, because I'm 14 and I have like 187cm, so my knees hurt and it's then hard to play. I just wanna improve and join more professional club even though It's too late to hope that I will anytime be world champion :D I just love TT and wanna improve and play as much as possible.
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    1) ClimbK2 -- aspirational, from former hobby of rock climbing; reside in Michigan, U.S.A.; now in late 50s; work for large auto firm
    2) About 20-years of competitive play (Played as a child and teen, then off & on) 
    3) Farmington Hills Table Tennis club
    4) Achievements: Won Class B Michigan State Tournament, two college intramural tourn.; defeated three ~1950 players in tournaments
    5) Playing Style: Shake-hands, right-handed, off./allround, strengths- f/h loop, b/h block & push, & quickness; working to upgrade: a) serves, b) backhand loop and flip, and c) returns; present rating just under 1700; formerly 1840
    6) Play at club 1x/week 4-hours, work 2x/week, 1.5 hrs.,  20-25 min./day w/Newgy 2050+ robot the other days, & welcome suggestions for drills; Received some coaching from Danny Seemiller, and Li Zhenshi & late Zhang Li (all ++ coaches and people); ++ PingSunday & Larry Hodges
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    Hello from North Carolina, USA! My name is Steve, I am a retired teacher and play at the Asheville TTC now. For most of my career, I played out of the Raleigh TTC. I have been a tournament player since 1969. I maintained a U.S. rating of around 1950 as a forehand looper/backhand blocker for a number of years. After a layoff of about 10 years, I returned to the game and picked up hardbat play. I have been a full-time hardbat player (almost entirely against sponge players) for the last 15 years, and just recently I have been exploring a switch to short pips. My rating now has fallen to the 1750-1800 range, but I still aim for improvement!
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    1) Introduce yourself: Hello to everybody, my name is Gonzalo, I'm a medical doctor and science lover, and I tried to apply this knowledge to table tennis
    2) Number of years playing: I played table tennis since I was a child, train for more than 6 years in a club and few more in the university (in my country) until I retired, because I have no time for go to a club
    3) Club/team/country play for: Now, I'm retired but continuously participate in other forums since more than 9 years ago. I'm from Colombia
    4) Best achievements: First places in some university tournaments in my country
    5) Playing style: Shakehand / Right-handed / Quick attack and loop drive, close to the table with short pips in BH (similar style to Wang Tao)
    6) Equipment: Blade Stiga Clipper CC / FH DHS Hurricane 8 Hard / BH TSP Spectol Speed Sponge

    I hope can share experiences and knowledge to everybody and improve among all

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    Hi everyone!
    1) Introduce yourself - my name is Jane, Quicksilver was my nickname before I left our league. Still sentimental about this, hah!
    2) Number of years playing - started as a kid, was playing "hard" during my college years since 2013 (almost three years), then left because of trauma. Now started playing again, but much more careful and less competitive - like, learning from the basics again.
    3) Club/team/country play for - don't belong to any club, though like I've already said - I've participated in our college's league.
    4) Best achievements - won some interior tournaments back in time and prizes, so our team got the "Best club of the year" title.
    5) Playing style - currently I do it for health and endurance, as a hobby not for ranking. But back in time I was considered as an aggressive player, hah. Right-handed, shake hands grip, quick attack.
    6) etc - came here for some casual tips, and to learn some tricks. Still have my Joola Phoenix.

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    • 1) I'm TTF, 18 yo lad from Finland 
    • 2) 2 years (. _.)
    • 3) Just a small local club from Finland. 
    • 4) Winning u900 & Second place in doubles (open for everyone but you get free points against higher rated teams, 1 point per 200 rating difference)
    • 5) Looping style / sometimes favor smashing style depending on opponent, right-handed
    • 6) Equipment:  Stiga Infinity VPS V, FH Sanwei Target National, BH Joola Rhyzm-P. Rating still below 1000 but looking forward to rising it a lot!
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    1) Preséntese:
    Hola a todos los enamorados del tenis de mesa, mi nombre es Jose Maria, soy un Friki  más de este deporte.
    2) Número de años jugando:
    Jugaba al tenis de mesa  cuando era niño (desde los 12 años hasta los 16), despues de 28 años sin jugar he vuelto con más ilusión y con muchas  ganas de aprender, estoy muy contento de poder ver los videos de EmRatThich (estarian genial si estuvieran subtitulados en Español).
    3) Juego de club / equipo / país: 
    El club de mis amores es el ATM La Nave, donde empece a jugar de niño y donde tengo grandes amigos.
    Actualmente no juego ni ligas, ni torneos debido a que mi agenda laboral no me lo permite, pero intento  jugar unas dos veces por semana, con  jugadores de 2ª y 3ª Nacional.
    Vivo en Alicante (Spain).
    4) Mejores logros:
    Medalla de plata (clase B), en la categoria de veteranos en los XLI juegos deportivos del Guadalentin.
    5) Estilo de juego:
    Penhold RPB/ picos cortos en FH (estilo Tin Tin Ho).
    6) Equipo:
    Blade Stiga Clipper CR WRB / FH Butterfly Raystorm 1.9 / BH Stiga Mantra M 2.15.
    Espero poder mejorar mi juego y poder compartir mis experiencias en el foro. 
    Un saludo a todos los Frikis del tenis de mesa
    Josema TM 
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    • My name is Andrew
    • Number of years playing: 15
    • Club/team/country play for: Serbia
    • Best achievements: 2nd place local tournament
    • Playing style: Penholder / right handed / offensive
    • Started at high school, picked up a blade somewhat penholder but after 2 3 games switched to shake hand and played shake hand for 15 years (because of some popular opinion that shake hand is better) until I decided to change to penholder and start training with a coach a bit more seriously and now I improve very fast and finally feel more confident in my game, also feeling the ball better when hitting hard.
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