Looking for Knee Scooters

I bought a knee scooter for my grandpa since he got injured and doctor recommended him to walk over a scooter. This is good and he also like it. However, I would like to buy a better  piece than this one if possible. Otherwise, I have a list containing 6 top scooters; but unfortunately I don't know which one is best for my grandpa. Anyone there who can guess the choice, if yes please let me know, I will then share the list with you. Thank you!


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    It is very strange to listen that your friend got injured and you're looking for a knee scooter.
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    A few days before my teammate got injured while playing Tennis. The opponent throw a quick shot with 100 miles per hour speed. He tried to defend but unfortunately he slipped and his knee aad foot fractured. He also bought a knee scooter after reading the article at https://www.seniorfitness.net/best-knee-scooters/
     and as per doctor's advice as well.
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