Butterfly Amultart ZL good blade?

Hi sir,

This is Rakshit R B from India. I'm a big fan of your learning videos which helped me know technicals and gain knowledge about TT.
I have been playing Table tennis since 5th Grade( 13 years of experience).
i'm a backhand dominant player as im using Marcos freitas ply with rubbers FH(tibhar omega 7 asia) BH(butterfly rozena). it's been 4 years i have been using the same ply. Before i had butterfly amulart ply used for 5 years. i would like try new controlled and spin ply.

kindly suggest to me any good blades which will improve my game style.


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    Butterfly Amultart ZL is a very good blade.

    Marcos Freitas is also a modern blade! If you want to improve your style (backhand style), you can try Viscaria, which has more spin.

    Best regards,

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