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Hi everyone, l'm looking for an advice about some of the table tennis shoes out there. I found 5 options: - mizuno wave medal z2
-mizuno wave drive 8
-asics excounter attack 2
- li ning appm001 (CNT's shoes) 
-xiom footwork 3
I would rather if they have good cushioning and excelent traction. 
Thank you so much and It help me a lot if anyone has used some of them. 


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    I'm using mizuno wave drive 8 and it's very good : excellent grip on the floor, good ventilation, and normal weight.
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    I also use Mizuno Wave Drive 8, and they are amazing.. Long durability and good stability.
    When the floor is dusty, a little bit of water helps to regain full traction. I will not buy any other type of ttshoes.
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    Ok, I think i'll go for wave drive 8. Thank you guys 
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    Mizuno makes great grippy shoes. Normally I have size 43 EU, so bought Asian size 27, but should have bought the next size up. I think they are about half a size smaller than normal.

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    I've worn Wave Drive shoes for a few years (from TT-11).  They're great for soft floors, but have minimal cushion, so my legs would ache after playing on tile floor.  Wave Medal shoes are wider, have more cushion, and are heavier.  I recently bought some Stiga Liner 2 shoes from TT-Japan based upon positive on-line ratings.  I strongly prefer them to the Wave Drives because of the extra cushioning.  They're similar weight and grippiness and much cheaper.  They're also D-Width, unlike many TT shoes, like Joola which are too narrow for me (probably B width).  
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    I love shoe shopping. I always do it online, after reading reviews and analyzing tops. I would never purchase anything before being at least 85% sure that it is worth it. In this context, helps me a lot with shoe advice. I usually go through their pros and cons list and see what fits my requirements and what doesn't. This way, I know for sure that I make the right decision. Maybe I'm too obsessed and waste too much time on researching, but I'm not in a position where I can afford to lose my money on non-qualitative stuff or scams.
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