What is your favorite table tennis handle

As far as I know, there are 6 types of table tennis handles. Is there any advantage of changing the handle?
I prefer the Flared handle, Legend type of Stiga.
  • Flared
  • Chinese penhold
  • Korean Penhold
  • Round Straight



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    with FL, I have a bit better spin, with ST I have the bit better block and smash. I play ELCON as the compromise inbetween these two, in the hope to get best from both  =)
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    I prefer straight since I am able to adjust my hand to a different position for BH and FH. Most of my pressure is coming from my thumb and index finger and a find it uncomfortable being forced into a specific position by the shape of the flare. I don't really have the skills to reform flare shapes to accommodate my hand positions. My understanding is that moving up the ladder, what starts out as a predominant flare preference changes to about 50-50. So, there doesn't seem to be any advantage from one over another.
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    Elcon is my favourite! 
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