H3 Neo Glue with boost

Hey Coach, i boosted with 2 layers of Falco the H3 pro neo blue sponge how many layers glue should I use? I use the Rev3 glue high vis and before i used the Falco booster i applied one layer of the glue. Now its not Curly and I want to glue my h5 sealed (with rev sealer). How many Lines and Layers I should apply? One Layer and Line to blade and one to layer and line to ruber? Or i should use more?? At secound, I didnt remove the neo boost layer is that a problem? Thanks Coach <3


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    Don't complicate simple things. Read the instruction. Sometimes tt's the matter of taste.
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    I was facing the same situation and decided to use at least 3 (thin) layers of glue, cause my Evolution 3 glue after a while "seperated" into lines. Looked like badly applied glue - but wasn't. I think, the booster is giving a different adhesion to the sponge. Next time I will oder the glue with higher viscosity.

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