Fan Zhendong equipment [Update]

Fan Zhendong’s racket at 2019 Men’s World Cup!

Blade: Butterfly Viscaria with Stiga Infinity VPs Handle
Forehand: Hurricane 3 (blue sponge) 41.5 2.1
Backhand: Butterfly Dignics 05


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    Blade: Butterfly Custom ALC
    Backhand: Butterfly Dignics 09C

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    Blade: Butterfly Fan Zhendong ALC (FL) - Viscaria Structure
    As of 19th of July 2022. A gold logo plate in the handle-end is used only for his personal blade.

    Forehand Rubber: DHS Hurricane 3 (Blue sponge) 42 2.1

    Backhand Rubber: Butterfly Dignics 09C

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