Confusion about Chinese rubber and Booster -- as per the ITTF standards

Hi Coach,
I am very confused about Chinese rubber. I am searching for Chinese rubbers for my new blade. 
I found many articles in which, it is written that it is necessary to use a booster(Falco or Revolution No.3 X) on the Chinese rubber. 

But I also found warnings on the booster: 
Warning: No chemical treatment on rubbers is allowed by the actual regulations of ITTF.

My question: 
if a booster is illegal to apply on the Chinese rubber. Then, how Chinese rubbers(DHS) are allowed in table tennis matches?

I think MA Long is also using Chinese(DHS) rubber. Please clarify my doubt.


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    The new international association will be launched soon.
    Their version of table-tennis will be referred to as dtt (for diversity table tennis)  
    Both safe speed-gluing & safe boosting will be legal in
    Details of safe implementation will be released with association launch in a few months (or possibly sooner) 
    Stay tuned and in the meantime you can read about the more restrictive version of table-tennis referred to as ioctt  . See link below
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