Ma Long from 5 years old kid to the World Champion

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Ma Long was born in 1988, he was exposed to table tennis at the age of 5 when his condition was quite weak, his parents hoped that through sports, he would improve his health and strengthen his resistance. Choosing table tennis is because it can help Ma Long with the appropriate level for each person, it is a sport which is not easy to cause injury!. (the main advantage of table tennis)

Regardless of whether it was playing or studying, Ma Long was very disciplined, it was due to the strictness of her parents. Ma Long's parents wanted him to write his diary every day, if he met any words he could not write, he would record phonetic, for a long time, Ma Long's diary was all about table tennis!

It can be said that the natural talent, industriousness, plus the simple personality and good habits from a young age have made such extraordinary achievements as today for Ma Long! May Ma Long create more miracles!


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