How to use BOOSTER correctly?


Table Tennis Boosting!

The rubber is DHS Hurricane 3 Neo (2.1 40). The booster that I used was Haifu Seamoon (yellow oil). 

  1. Apply a few layers (2-3 layers) of glue. Let the glue layers dry. 
  2. Remove the protective plastic sheet of the rubber. 
  3. Apply ONE layer of booster. (For me, one layer of booster = a brush soaked with booster)
  4. Put the rubber in a dry and cool place for 1 day. The rubber will start the curl upwards. 
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4. Usually 3 layers of booster is enough. 
  6. Try to glue the rubber when it is not curled up so much. Apply glue to both of your blade and rubber. 
  7. Stick them together, and make sure that your rubber is completely flat on your blade. 

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