Tenergy 64 alternatives

I have a very dead sheet of tenergy 64 on my backhand and it needs to be replaced but I cannot afford the high price point of tenergy and I know you can get rubbers with similar characteristics and quality for a fraction of the price from chinese brands such as yinhe, lkt, giant dragon etc so are there any similar rubbers to tenergy 64 for $20 or less?


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    Possible solutions:
    1) Use a Falco Life Extender and apply it on the surface of the T64. ( local price approx USD 20.00 )
    2) Try Xiom Asia range ( > USD 30.00 )
    3) Try Yinhe Big Dipper ( local price @ USD 15.00 )
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     I will read some reviews on these and see what I like ,Thanks👍
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