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Hi Coach,
please suggest me blades for my playing style. I am a looping player basically. I like to open the attack close to the table, mostly from my backhand side immediately from the return, and carry on the rally from middle distance from the table. I use T05 on both sides.
I am looking for an OFF/OFF+ blade with definitely hight throw angle (high trajectory).  Earlier I used Stiga Intensity Carbon, but it was slow for me. I am looking for a blade with the same trajectory but much more faster with correct control. Please give me some options before I spend a lot of money in vain.
Thanks a lot,

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    Hi! If you want a blade with high throw angle, you can try the Dynasty Carbon. It has a great feeling and control, but it is still fast. This blade is fantastic for forehand topspin, and is still great for backhand block and topspin. 
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    I think butterfly viscaria would be perfect or possibly the Timo boll alc they are good for looping style. Some top players who use these are Zhang jike Timo boll Liam pitchford etc
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