New DHS 2020 products! 
1. H301X

This blade is the upgrade version of the DHS H301, which also has a 5+2 structure. The “X” represents that the core of the blade is thicker than the original H301. It has a FL and CS version. Its price is around RMB 500 (~70USD). ——————————————————————-
2. 08X

This is a defensive blade. It has a 5+2 structure. It only comes in the FL version. Its marked price is RMB 415 (~60USD). ——————————————————————-
3. Hurricane ‘Ji’ (Not sure about its translated name in English) 

This blade is the first HYBRID blade made by DHS. It has a 5+2 structure, with different top ply wood. Forehand side with Koto and backhand with Limba (a softer wood). It has both FL and CS version. It will be around RMB 500 (~60USD) as well. 


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     The H301X looks so nice. Can you tell me the difference between H301 and H301X. I guess that H301X is faster with less control. Btw little update, I bought H8 on my Viscaria and I love it. All topspins with forhand are now stronger and have more spin and also now I dont miss any shot so thank you very much.
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    506X is so so good
    I use it often. But now switch back to HL5 to refine my technique. Once I am very confident or happened to play in important match, I pick my 506X
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