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Hello Coach Emratthich,

I have become a big fan of your videos. Your videos have helped me understand many things in the last couple of months about table tennis, especially about techniques and purchasing my gear. Many thanks for uploading all the training content. I also bought a customized blade and rubber based on your suggestion. 

I am a beginner to intermediate Table tennis player.
I play at a small club where I do not get much help from the coach. So I wanted to ask you directly as I wanted to purchase a mid sized table tennis table to practice (I do not have space for the standard size table).

If I practice on the mid-sized table, does my game play get affected when I go and play on the standard table in the long run?

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards,


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    Hello Kiran,

    Thank you for your kind words and support. I'm glad to hear that my videos have been helpful to you in your table tennis journey.

    Regarding your question about practicing on a mid-sized table, here are some important points to consider:

    1. Adjusting to Table Size: Practicing on a mid-sized table can affect your gameplay when transitioning to a standard-sized table. The dimensions of the standard table are fixed (2.74m x 1.525m), and getting used to a different size might influence your spatial awareness, footwork, and shot accuracy.

    So don't do this.

    It's not the real table tennis size.

    Coach EmRatThich

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