Hello Coach, Just needed some follow up advice please. Of all the blades below I asked you about I decided on the FZDong ALC with 05fx rubbers but it was to fast for me. I switched to Dignics 09C and the backhand is great but my forehand feels slow. Maybe cause I lack technique? My wife ended up taking my blade with the Dignics so I'm looking to buy a new FZD ALC for myself and wondering if I should stay with the same for a couple months to improve technique before trying new rubbers? If I was going to try new rubbers for the forehand at least which would you recommend? Are there any in between Tenergy 05fx and Dignics 09C? Thank you Coach, Nelson P


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    Hello Nelson,

    It’s great to hear from you again. You have a solid setup with the FZD ALC and the Dignics 09C, but I understand the speed concerns. Your backhand is working well with Dignics 09C, so it’s likely a technique issue on the forehand. It’s crucial to have a balanced setup that complements your skill level while allowing room for improvement.

    For your forehand, consider rubbers like Tenergy 05 or Rakza 7. Tenergy 05 has a nice balance between control and speed, making it a good intermediary step from Tenergy 05fx. Rakza 7 offers good spin and speed without being overly aggressive, which can help you develop your technique without sacrificing too much power.

    Stick with your current blade and focus on improving your forehand technique. Once you feel more confident, you can explore faster rubbers. Keep practicing and remember, technique always comes first!

    Best, Coach EmRatThich


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