where to buy Xu Xin xuperman rubbers?

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> Hello. I was just reading on your website where it says to contact you
> about the Xuperman Powerplay rubber.
> I am looking to use the exact same version that Xu Xin was/is using on
> his forehand.
> Do you know of a LEGITIMATE place to buy one? Or, do you have one
> yourself that you will sell me?


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    New Arrived!

    Black Xuperman PowerPlay-X (blue sponge)

    Hardness: 40,41 degree

    Thickess: 2.1 thickness

    Only for USD $30! 
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    Also, you must be able to get the Xuperman X1 blade in penhold grip too. How much is one of those? 

    And for the record, yes, I know that the X1 is the same composition as the Viscaria, except with a different type of carbon and dyed Koto plies. Xu Xin's Dynasty Carbon is the same composition as a Viscaria too, except with dyed Koto plies and a different type of carbon. The Dynasty Carbon's type of carbon differs from the ALC in the Viscaria in 2 main ways. 1. It packs more power with less weight. And 2. It throws the ball straighter, which is preferred for penholders. 
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    Yes, I know the source.

    You can order the Xuperman rubber, and blade here:


    You can say that, it's the recommendation of EmRatThich, to get the discount.



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