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  1. I'm teaching my kids this wonderful sport of TT, could you recommend me on the things I need to focus for them to start? Thank you


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    nice to meet you. As I learn from Felix Lebrun program, firstly, we want to develop the feeling of their hand. Don't play on table first, just hold the racket, and bounce the ball on the racket. And then find something that help kids to play around, just dont play on the table yet. And at the end, ask player to play on the ball, ask them to spin the ball, and watch the ball spin.
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    Thanks coach, I've been following the one you put on your video, to get the feel on the blade and the spin. Also, do you have any workout for the feet positioning? On my behalf, I'm working on tactics, do you have any recommendations on things that I could add to this? Thank you so much again, and I'm very happy to be part of the community
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    1. yes. I have the workout for the feet (footwork). It's call the ladder training. The coach put a ladder on the floor, the player should run, and step around the ladder. You can search "ladder footwork table tennis". For the tactics, there are a great book "table tennis tactics for thinker" of coach Larry Hodges. You can buy and read the book.
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