Sanwei pro v5

Hey coach,
I need an advice from you. 
I've seen your video about the best blades in 2023 and have decided to buy the budget friendly option Sanwei pro v5 blade and a pair of Fastarc G1 rubbers. Now I have a problem gluing them because nobody wants to do that for me telling me that I didn't bought neither blade nor rubbers at their shop. So I decided to glue them by myself which I have never done before.  Now I have to choose a glue and to decide if I need to seal the blade. Reading your website I found out that the blade is pre-sealed which is an info I couldn't find even on Sanwei website. It's not that I don't trust you, just wanted to make sure that it really is and that I don't need further sealing, because it doesn't look like that. Must admit though that I haven't unpacked it from the cellophane but seeing through it it doesn't seem as it was sealed at all. I'm considering to seal it anyway because I'm sweating like hell 😆. If it is really pre-sealed, do I need to do that. Maybe only the handle if the presealing is good enough and is not necessary for the paddle. But I will listen to your advice for whatever you say. If it is pre-sealed and doesn't need the new coat, when will I have to re-seal again (if at all)? In my country I could find Stiga, Joola and Andro seal. Which one should I go for if your advice is to seal it?
The other thing is that I have decided to go for Butterfly Free Chack II. Does it get along with the rubbers?
The rubbers are with max sponge thickness. For how many layers of glue should I go for? My plan was 2 on the each rubber and one on the blade itself. 
Now about me.
I'm an 47 yrs old enthusiast who wants to develop the technique since I was playing with the premade Rucanor racket for years. Not a beginner, possibly an intermediate hobby player, but I will start to build it from scratch. During the years of playing I tried different rubbers like Donic Bluefire M1, Dignics 09c, Nexus pro EL (if I remembered the name correctly), but I liked the most Tenergy 05. But I didn't want to spend that much so I've chosen the Fastarc G1 by reading the reviews and not playing with it. Must say that those rubbers I was playing with were not the new ones and the blades were bad. I like to attack every ball and often force it and rush too often which is a mistake I constantly make. My footwork is weak, my backhand is good enough but my forehand is bad. I want from my new setup to challenge me to adjust my technique. I play matches most of the time and train very little. I play one hour 2-3 times a week. Playing the matches I practice and the results are not important to me so far since I'm not satisfy with my techinque. 

Any advice is welcome. 
Thanks in advance.


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    I've glued it today. Was too impatient to wait for your reply.
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    Hi quujabaar,
    Nice to meet you.  If it is pre-sealed then you doesn't need the new sealing.
    I'm Coach EmRatThich from PingSunday. Let's address your concerns and get you on the right track.

    1. **Blade Sealing:** The Sanwei Pro V5 blade is indeed pre-sealed. However, if you sweat heavily, an additional light sealing can help protect it. Apply a thin layer of any of the available sealers (Stiga, Joola, or Andro) on the handle if it feels necessary, but it’s not mandatory. This step is more about personal comfort.

    2. **Gluing Rubbers:** Butterfly Free Chack II is a good choice and works well with Fastarc G1 rubbers. For application, use two layers of glue on each rubber and one layer on the blade. This ensures a strong bond without making the rubbers feel too stiff.

    3. **Your Play Style:** Fastarc G1 is a great rubber for developing your technique. It’s similar to Tenergy 05 but more budget-friendly. Its tacky surface will help you generate spin, crucial for improving your forehand and footwork.

    4. **Training Tips:** Focus on your forehand technique and footwork. Since you play matches frequently, try to incorporate specific drills into your warm-up to improve these areas. Use your new setup to challenge and refine your technique.

    Stay consistent, and you'll see progress. Good luck!

    Coach EmRatThich

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