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Hello Coach-Sir

Thanks for your below email and my appologies that I took a lot of time to check about TIMO BALL SPIRIT (one of your below recommendations) and VISCARIA ALC etc.

After going through your below mentioned suggestions multiple times, I realised that even budget is a contraint for me but you really are guiding me to invest in a good blade.
So, I have made up my mind and ready with budget of for eg VISCARIA ALC range of blades... now :-)    (very excited).

Now, ofcourse this is an important step so allow me to seek your guidance on blade finalisation please!

I have read and seen your videos on blade selections and observed that VISCARIA ALC is one of your favorite and highly recommended blade.
--> ps: You web link for review:

In my stadium, I got a chance to play with TIMO BOLL SPIRIT (ALC) with Tenergy 05 & Donic coppa combination. 

In one word, TIMO BOLL SPIRIT is crazy fast than my TIBHAR CARBON SHOT.

Background of query: I want a good feel while playing shot, I am getting stronger in quality top spins, attacks and loops with a lot of spin... so I think feeling and control is more important for me. Unfortunetly no one here has VISCARIA so I have no chance to try it out. But TIMO BOLL SPIRIT with T05 I have tried, it seems I did not get much of confidence while playing as it felt more straight as finish shot (not sure as every one has different feeling) but as per my playing style I want to be confident and consistent with curved reply on the other side of table. I am not flat hitter with errors, consistency is more important and meaningful to me.

Query: With VISCARIA ALC, do you think we will get more feeling and control with top spins and loops. Perhaps T05 is too fast for me? 
OR any other blade suggestion for me (I am ready with budget of around 160 USD, Viscaria ALC range).

Can you also guide (1) ideal rubber combination for VISCARIA and (2) rubber recommendation for me per my playing style?

My present setup is YASAKA RAKZA Z max (FH) and NITTAKU FAST ARC G1.

Well, as promised... I am very dedicated in developing and improving my game month over month so your help is really meaningful and I am very thankful.

Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

 Respect from INDIA.     


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    Hello ,

    Onto your inquiry about the VISCARIA ALC blade. Indeed, the VISCARIA ALC offers an excellent blend of feeling, control, and speed, making it a popular choice among players seeking precision in their top spins and loops. If you find the T05 rubber too fast for your liking, pairing the VISCARIA ALC with slightly softer rubbers could provide you with the desired balance.

    Considering your budget and preferences, let me suggest a suitable rubber combination for your VISCARIA ALC. For the forehand, you can opt for a rubber with a slightly softer sponge than the T05 to enhance control while maintaining spin potential. A rubber like the Butterfly Dignics 05, Yasaka Rakza 7, or Tibhar Evolution MX-S could be fitting choices.

    For the backhand, since you're currently using the Yasaka Rakza Z max, which offers good spin and speed, you might consider complementing it with a rubber that provides enhanced control and versatility. The Tibhar Evolution EL-S or Donic Acuda S2 could be viable options to consider.

    Coach EmRatThich
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