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  1. I have a robot and return board if you can recommend some drills to do that would be great. I already know from the footage I have to work on my legs and I've been doing some leg exercises the past few days
  2. I'm the guy in blue btw


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    1. hi I have seen 4 videos of your playing.
    2. In general, your forehand is not bad. You have a basic stroke. You need to stay closer to the table, you are too far. Use your foot, to move forward, or backward. You hit too soon, so no consistent, and no power. wait!
    3. wait for the ball to drop near your waist, and hit forward. Try to hit 10, then 20 topspin forehand with no error.
    4. your backhand is not good. You don't have the gesture yet. No problem.
    5. here is how to fix: Shorten your backhand stroke, again. Wait for the ball, you hit too far away, no consistent, no power.
    6. don't hit hard on backhand, try to topspin first.
    7. drop your racket down, and wait. Your backhand has no topspin. so you need to find this feeling, feeling of topspin the ball, first.


      I've watched four videos of you playing. Overall, your forehand isn't bad. You've got the basics down. However, you tend to stand too far from the table. Utilize your footwork to adjust your position forward or backward as needed. Also, try not to hit the ball too soon; wait for it to drop closer to your waist before making contact. Aim for consistency and power by practicing 10, then 20 topspin forehand shots with minimal errors.

      Now, onto your backhand. It needs some work. That's okay; we'll improve it. Start by shortening your backhand stroke and waiting for the ball instead of reaching out too far. Focus on adding topspin to your backhand shots rather than hitting them hard right away. Drop your racket down and wait for the right moment to execute the shot. Developing a feel for topspin on your backhand will be crucial for improvement.

      Keep practicing, and you'll see progress.

      Best regards, EmRatThich.

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    In table tennis, being too far from the ball can make it difficult to hit effectively. By moving closer to the table, you give yourself better positioning to strike the ball with more control and power. When you're preparing for a topspin shot from a mid-distance, it's essential to wait for the ball around waist height. This position allows you to generate more spin and accuracy in your shot. Give it a try – take a step closer to the table, and be patient in waiting for the ball. You'll notice a significant improvement in your ability to connect with the ball effectively.

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