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Good afternoon Mr Thich, 

My name is Debbie John and I live all the way in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I belong to a table tennis club called Carenage Blasters in my country and I have two members who are interested in joining the scholarship program that CTTC offered last year. My son Gabriel John is 16 years old is  ranked number 2 in the under 19 category and his clubmate Abhai Lal is 24 years old and is a senior player aiming to become a national player. They are both interested in developing their table tennis skills as both have plans to represent our country at the Olympics. Gabriel would like access to CTTC to engage in a long term training plan so that he might realize his dream of becoming a world class table tennis player that is if something like that is possible. I think that CTTC is a good place to start his journey. Any guidance and advice will be appreciated. Additionally, if we can get in touch with the college to make enquiries I would be very grateful. I thank you in advance and look forward to a favorable response. 

Debbie John


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    Hello Debbie John,

    Yes, I will ty to contact the organizer, Ms. Zhang.

    The information for the last year can be found on my blog (pingsunday).

    You can search "training camp Shanghai pingsunday" on Google.

    When the information is available, I will email you.

    Congratulation to your son, Gabriel John.

    Bests regards,


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