Advice in BH rubber

Hi, i have to change my rubbers and im struggling finding one for my BH
The BH is my weakness and i really train to improve it and after a year of training it hard i think i finally reached decent technique in this side. Im currently using Xiom Vega Korea which i think is soft, so now i want to use a harder/faster ESN rubber, but i dont want to use a Tenergy 05 or a MXP cause i dont think i have the right technique to handle, but i dont want to use Xiom Vega Korea again cause i want something faster and also y like to try new rubbers
So which rubber would you recommend? Summarizing i want a ESN rubber faster than Xiom Vega Korea but slower than T05 or MXP.
I dont know the budget i will have so i would like reccomendations in all the budgets
Also i would preffer rubbers that lasts a lot cause i typically change my rubbers every 6 months
Thanks :)


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    Considering your desire for a harder/faster ESN rubber for your backhand, but ruling out Tenergy 05 or MXP due to concerns about handling, I have a few excellent recommendations for you. To maintain the balance between speed and control, I suggest looking into the Tibhar Evolution MX-P or the Donic Bluefire JP 01.

    The Tibhar Evolution MX-P offers a solid blend of speed and spin, making it suitable for players seeking an upgrade without diving into the extreme speed of Tenergy 05. On the other hand, the Donic Bluefire JP 01 is known for its controlled aggression, providing the pace you're seeking while ensuring a level of comfort in ball handling.

    Now, let's talk budgets. For a more budget-friendly option, the Yasaka Rakza 7 or the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo could be great choices. These rubbers offer good speed without breaking the bank, catering to players on a tighter budget.

    If durability is a concern, both the Tibhar Evolution MX-P and the Donic Bluefire JP 01 are known for their longevity, making them suitable for players who prefer changing rubbers less frequently.

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