Advice in BH rubber

Hi, i have to change my rubbers and im struggling finding one for my BH
The BH is my weakness and i really train to improve it and after a year of training it hard i think i finally reached decent technique in this side. Im currently using Xiom Vega Korea which i think is soft, so now i want to use a harder/faster ESN rubber, but i dont want to use a Tenergy 05 or a MXP cause i dont think i have the right technique to handle, but i dont want to use Xiom Vega Korea again cause i want something faster and also y like to try new rubbers
So which rubber would you recommend? Summarizing i want a ESN rubber faster than Xiom Vega Korea but slower than T05 or MXP.
I dont know the budget i will have so i would like reccomendations in all the budgets
Also i would preffer rubbers that lasts a lot cause i typically change my rubbers every 6 months
Thanks :)
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