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Hello Coach,
    I hope you are well,
Thanks a lot for your coaching throughout my table tennis!

      Please Coach, can you explain the importance of feeling in table tennis, and some exercises at home to have super feeling on my backhand and forehand like the Chinese masters.

I hope to hear from you soon,
Thanks alot!!


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    Hello there!

    I'm glad to hear that you've been enjoying your table tennis journey, and I appreciate your kind words. Feeling in table tennis is indeed crucial for mastering your strokes, just like the Chinese masters.

    To enhance the feeling on your backhand and forehand, focus on these home exercises:

    1. Shadow Practice:

      • Stand in front of a mirror and shadow your strokes, paying close attention to your form and wrist movement.
      • Emphasize the fluidity and relaxation of your strokes to develop a better sense of touch.
    2. Ball Bouncing:

      • Bounce the ball on your racket repeatedly to develop a delicate touch and control.
      • Gradually increase the height and speed of the bounces to challenge yourself.
    3. Serving and Receiving:

      • Practice serves and receive them against a wall to improve your touch and feeling for the ball.
      • Focus on controlling the spin and placement of the ball during your serves and returns.
    4. Close-Table Drills:

      • Perform drills with a training partner where you play close to the table.
      • This forces you to rely on touch and feeling rather than pure power, refining your stroke precision.
    5. Eyes Closed Training:

      • Close your eyes during shadow practice or ball bouncing to rely solely on your feeling and muscle memory.
      • This helps develop a heightened sense of touch and control.

    Now, regarding equipment, for players aiming to emulate the Chinese style, I recommend a tacky rubber for the forehand, such as DHS Hurricane 3, to generate powerful spins. For the backhand, a more versatile rubber like Yinhe Mercury 2 is a good choice, providing a balanced mix of control and spin. Pair these rubbers with a flexible and well-balanced blade like the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC for an optimal combination that aligns with the Chinese playing style.

    Remember, consistent practice and a keen focus on feeling will bring you closer to mastering your strokes. Keep up the hard work, and you'll see improvement in no time!

    Best of luck on your table tennis journey!

    Coach EmRatThich

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