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Dear Coach EmRatThich,

I am a 68 years old senior in Toronto,Canada.

With encouragement from friend,I picked up the table tennis racket again after more than 50 years without playing it.
I have been playing about 2 months now and pick up fast as I was considered good player as a teenager.

At that time,no formal coaching,just played with peers  with quick movement and response.

I start watching youtube video to learn the table tennis. I have watched several Youtubers teaching and I want to say
that your vidoes are the best that covers lots of details and explain clearly. I can feel your passion with Table Tennis !

Thank you for your videos and hope that more audiences will know about you.

I am now playing 3 times a week,3 hours each time and I have confidence to improve my table tennis techniques
with the help of your instructions.(eventhough of my age).

If somedays someone say I am a good table tennis player,I will not hesitate
to tell them I learn a lot from your videos.

With warm regards!

Edmond Yick


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    Hello Edmond,

    Thank you for your kind words and warm regards! It's truly inspiring to hear about your return to table tennis after a 50-year hiatus. Your dedication and passion for the sport are commendable.

    Considering your background as a skilled player in your teenage years and your current commitment to playing three times a week for three hours each time, it's evident that you have a strong foundation. To enhance your gameplay further, let's talk about equipment.

    For a player of your experience and age, I recommend a balanced and controlled setup to support your evolving techniques. A versatile all-around blade with a good mix of speed and control would be ideal. The Stiga Allround Classic is a solid choice, providing a nice feel for the ball and enabling you to execute various strokes comfortably.

    As for rubbers, considering your quick movement and response style, I suggest going for rubbers with good spin and control. Yasaka Mark V is a classic rubber that strikes a good balance between spin, control, and moderate speed. It will complement your playing style, allowing you to make precise shots while maintaining control.

    Remember, the right equipment is an essential partner in your journey to improving table tennis techniques. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to hearing about your continued progress on the table.

    Best regards,

    Coach EmRatThich PingSunday

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