Robot for table tennis clubs players

I'm a table tennis player and passionate in my country. 
WE have a table tennis club , not Big but WE work hard with the tools we have to improve ourselves.
WE would like to buy a good robot to enhance the level of our game since WE are preparing our young player to the ocean Indian games.

So, i Saw a video about table tennis robots you uploaded online . Can you please advise us on the best product for us, not too expensive also because WE Come from a very poor country.

I'm eager to Hear from you.


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    Nice to meet you. Yes, don't buy Butterfly robot because they are expensive.

    You can buy a cheaper robot, like Tibhar robot, which is very consistent.

    Choose the basic version, which is enough for club players.

    Here are the model:

    Tibhar RoboPro Plus

    Or you can buy PowerPong, the link with 10% reduction code is found on my

    Best regards,


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    I don't think that the robot for almost 1k euro is cheap, especially for a very poor country. 
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