table tennis club in Paris

Hello Coach, I am a student studying in Milan and I play Table Tennis with friends at university. I used to play in Tournaments when I was younger but haven't played competitive matches for years. Your videos have helped me refresh most of what I was taught. It also helped me in selecting my new bat. I use a DHS Fang Bo with Hurricane 3 Neo rubbers.

I am visiting my family in Paris in May 2022. I would like to know if there are any local tournaments I can take part in or any clubs I can play for a just a few days. Ideally I want to visit your club if possible but other alternatives are fine.

Thanking you. 


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    If you are in Paris, then you can play in some big clubs like 13ème arrondissement, club pongiste kremlin bicetre, etc

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    Nice to meet you. There are many tournaments in Paris, you can play everyweekend.

    My club is not in the Paris. :)

    You can search "club pongiste Paris" when you go to Paris, and you will find many clubs near you.

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