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Hi coach! 
Recently, I decided to join to a club, not a fancy one. But more like a recreational club for public use. I found that, table that they are using, is old table that looked very thin. Doesn't have a good bounce. Me myself, usually played with a better one. In fact in the old days I used to play in our dinner table ( really big on), that made out of whole wood. Not like in my recent club. 
My observation about the club member. Most of the member playing style is smashing the ball. There is no stroke, like most Chinese player. As conclusion. I lost many matches. I humbly know that I am making an EXCUSES. But, the bounces are off, my spin is dead by the end of the table( specially when doing serve) and the timing is completely off.
The other problem is with the ball that they are playing with(I know, EXCUSES again) . It felt heavy, (I am using Yasaka Ma Lin extra special-all wood 5 ply). Once I ask to change with my own ball that I used to practiced with. And the result is different, the timing is better.
Most of all, I am mentally down, because I can't produce good playing style.

The question is, for further improvement. Should I keep adjusting with the table or change club (I know EXCUSE again)? 
Thank You Coach.


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    If everything there isn't right I would recommend trying somewhere else but only if your 100% confident that there are problems
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    It's a hard question, as for me I don't want to adjust, I would only change a club..
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